We believe that each child was created for a purpose, and we want to see children reach their full potential. We want to transform the way society views HIV/AIDS – one community at a time.

In Asia, many orphanages will not accept HIV+ children. Children like Lily. Children and adults living with HIV in Asia have a hard time obtaining an education and a job. These people are considered outcasts. “Lily” in Mandarin is 百合花. A literal translation is “pure and spotless person.” We could not think of a more perfect name for this project.

We have a dream for The Lily Project. We want to see lives transformed in Asia through education, advocacy, foster care, and adoption.

Don’t let HIV/AIDS scare you. Don’t let the lies and fear about HIV direct your life. Educate yourself. These kids can live normal healthy productive lives. These kids just need a chance. They need hope. They need families who are willing to love them every day for the rest of their life.

Questions? Comments? Want your story shared on The Lily Project? Know of a child in Asia with HIV who needs some help finding his/her forever family? Email us at lilyprojectblog@gmail.com.