On this page you will find a list of HIV+ children in China currently waiting for their families. Please contact the agency listed  for each child for more information on adopting these children. We are not affiliated with any specific agencies but work to help advocate for these children to find their forever families. And for the protection of the children, because of the stigma associated with HIV in their culture, many agencies do not share all identifying information about the children.


Aaron (age 12!) – Aaron turned 12 in October. He is active and talkative and likes to play games with his peers. ***$3000 grant available!

Jeremiah (age 7)  – Jeremiah hopes to be adopted into a family where he will have brothers and sisters and pets.

Lee (age 10) and Logan (age 8) – Lee and Logan are biological siblings and need to be adopted together. They have been in a group home since 2014.

If you are looking for a child that used to be listed on this page and their link is no longer here, hopefully that means the child now has a family coming for them. For a few of the children, it means they aged out before a family chose them.

To those of you who are helping advocate for these kids by sharing their link – thank you!

Why aren’t there more children on this list? There are currently very few children with HIV listed and waiting to be adopted from China.  If you are at all interested in adopting children with HIV, please talk with your agencies and let them know. The agencies can push the orphanages to start doing the paperwork of children with HIV. Many orphanages consider children with HIV to be “unadoptable” but that is absolutely not the case! This is a very manageable special need to care for and it is no longer a death sentence.


For other HIV adoption advocacy websites please visit:

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